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One of the things that gives me great enjoyment is taking something old and ordinary and giving it new life.

One such project I took on earlier this year was our wine rack. It is a wonderfully simple, elegant piece of furniture that I love. I lived in a little studio apartment in 2011 and there was a spot in the basement where people would put stuff they no longer wanted. It was here that I found this gem.

Most likely meant for a deck or patio it looks quite lovely in our dining room; boasting simple lines and glass shelves. Not to mention it’s utilitarian value, as it holds a decent amount of glassware, wine and on occasion provides easy access to our cribbage board and cards.

Even with these many assets the thought was growing on me that at times it was too leggy for the space.
Old Wine Rack

Rather than run out and purchase a new wine rack for $400 I dropped by Marshals and this curious paper caught my eye. Stone Wrap, on sale from the holidays for $3. Not bad. My first thought- what the heck is “treeless paper made from stone?”. My second thought- “great this is cheap and pretty durable stuff.”

It is rather difficult to describe the way the material feels, but I will try my best. It’s about the thickness of a heavy weight paper that moves like a thin sheet of vellum. Smooth to the touch, cuts like butter and won’t tear even if your life depended on it.

Perfect for my little wine rack.

Stone Wrap

The makeover itself was really quite simple. I measured out the glass, cut out the Stone Wrap and placed it atop each piece of glass. Added a little flair with some tabletop baubles and hung this to-die-for gilt frame I scrounged up at an antique store- Boom! New wine rack.

The Stone Wrap added that bit visual solidity which was lacking and I am quite pleased with it.

New Wine Rack

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One thought on “wine rack refashion

  1. Nini Bronson on said:

    Brilliant! Love the new look…”stone wrap”! Never heard of that…I am dying to feel it!

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