the fashionable table

the fashionable table Launch Brunch

First off, I need to actually take pictures of the food that gets served at these parties. It is not very exciting to see a bunch of empty dishes! That being said, you must satisfy yourself with pictures of empty dishes this time.

In March I had the good fortune to host a celebration for the birth of my blog. I hold to the thought that there is not much better than sharing good food and drink with good friends.

A big “Thank You” to those who have encouraged me on this journey; May love and laughter light your days!

Prepped Table
Some say that fine china and silver are dying out, but I can tell you that I will NEVER decline more of either. A key piece of good entertaining is successfully creating a mood or conveying the right emotion. I wanted to convey a sense of warmth and gratitude to my dear friends who joined us for Brunch. The quaint china along with the bold gold chargers did the trick.

Table Dressings:
– White linen tablecloth
– Craft wrapping paper table runner (this gave the table a wonderful organic warmth while making it a little more casual)
– Gold chargers
– My Hunny’s Grandmother’s china and silver serving dishes
– Silver flatware gifted to me from my parents

Set Table
Pro Tip:
As mentioned above, I used craft wrapping paper as the large table runner on top of the white linen tablecloth. This is a great way to protect your tablecloth from messy foods and makes cleanup quick and easy.

Lovely Tea Cup


Curried Chicken Salad with Almonds & Grapes (inspired by a similar dish at Grand Central in St Paul, MN)
Whipped Cream
Raspberry & Pistachio Tart (from my new favorite bakery- Chez Arnaud)

Cold Pressed Coffee (from Dunn Bros- if you are a coffee snob, this is a great alternative to the longer french press process)

Celebratory ChampagneRaspberry and Pistachio Tart










An Empty Plate

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