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Eat Your Heart Out- august ’13

Camp food can be done a lot of different ways. Chances are, if you want hot food you will need a stove of some sort. Adam (my glorious husband) and I packed the MSR DragonFly for our camping trip in the Sierra Nevada last summer.

It failed… Miserably! Blasted thing wouldn’t stay lit. We resorted to using the campfire grate. Camp FoodCooking on the fire was actually quite easy. For the dinner pictured above we chopped up red potatoes, onion, a red pepper, bacon and added butter and spices. All the ingredients went into two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. The foil pouch sat on top of the grate over the coals for 30 minutes or so.

Open up the foil, crack open a cold one and thoroughly enjoy!
Camp FoodCamp FoodCamp FoodI’m not usually a dessert girl but this made the cut.

If you have never experienced the California Central Valley in the summer… Let me rephrase that. If you have never experienced Northern California in the summer, you’ve got to go! The valley is overflowing with the best fruit in the world and the mountains will call your name. The little dish you see above is a peach filled bombshell of a dessert.

Here’s how to make it:
Pillsbury Biscuit dough
Fresh Ripe Peaches
Pie Iron

I used two biscuit dough slices, one marshmallow and half of a peach. Butter the two sides of the pie iron. Spread out one piece of the dough and add the peach and mallow. Add another piece of dough to the top and seal around the filling making a packet. Put the whole bit in the pie iron and hold over the coals.

What comes out is glorious. Contrary to what you might expect, it is not gooey or overly sweet. Perfectly delectable.

Looking forward to more camp food this summer …

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