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Girl’s Brunch- may ’13


I love entertaining. When people come into my home I want to make them feel special; that I am excited for them to be there and that I have put thought into their presence.

I truly enjoy setting the table, finding the perfect flowers, folding the napkins, but, what it really comes down to, is showing my guests that I care about them. I take the time to plan out a menu and pick the perfect glassware and consider the details for their comfort and enjoyment.

Entertaining is somewhat of a lost art. In our world of digital stimulus and fast food the well-laid table seems antiquated. But, the gains far out weigh the losses. How in depth and personal can your conversations be in the middle of a busy restaurant? Don’t get me wrong- I love being waited on, there is an art in that, however, there is something warm and inviting about sharing in the fruits of labor of a friend.

Alright, I have come down from my sop box- on to the details!

Girl’s Brunch. My friends and I get together about once a month for brunch. you can imagine what goes on- basically lots of talking and eating. The time flies.

Traditionally brunch should less formal that dinner but more formal than breakfast. In my mind, all the food should be accessible on the table. This way no one has to get up and interrupt the flow of conversation.

Girl's Brunch May 2013

Entertaining Pro Tip: Set out all of your dishes the night before your event with labels in each dish with what is going in the dish. This way, the day of, you can spend your time prepping food/attending to last minute details without thinking “what the heck am I going to put this in!” and “OMG, people will be here in 5 minutes and I still have to set the table!”

Often, having people into your home can feel overwhelming because  you are scrambling until guests arrive. A little forethought will make your life WAY easier.

Also, the flowers were from our summer Farmer’s Market. A great place to find flowers. They are often hearty, colorful and cheap!

Girl's Brunch May 2013 CoffeeI am a firm believer in French Pressed coffee. I got these single serve Bodum french presses because each guest can press their own cup, and because… well, they are mini and super cute.

Happy entertaining!


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