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Puttin’ on the Ritz- 25th Birthday Cocktail Hour

I fell in love with the art deco themes in the winter of 2012. When it came time for my birthday in April  I was still obsessed and went all in with the speakeasy cocktail hour theme.

POTR 25th Birthday Buffet

The hubby and I lucked out with an apartment that was constructed in 1920. So, the space was ideal for the 20’s theme and is designed around entertaining. Here our built-in buffet is decked out with time period liquor and a few books on mixed drinks.

One way to add to the ambiance of any event is thinking outside the box with lighting. I put flicker flame light bulbs in the sconces which added a nice orange glow that flickered like a candles. They were only around $4-$5 for the two of them. Also, I added a lamp to the display. In order to dim down the lamp I added tissue paper panels to the shade.
POTR25th Birthday Pom PomI wanted to add a mass of dark ostrich feathers to my two buffet lamps for added effect. However, I discovered that ostrich feathers are obscenely expensive. So, naturally I made pom poms instead. Normally, when making a pom pom you fluff out the tissue paper in all directions, leaving you with a sphere. In this case, I fluffed in one direction leaving the flat side of the pom pom to sit flush with the lamp shade. I used the excess wire from the center of the pom pom to secure it to the finial on top of the lamp.

Wish I had actually gotten a picture of this, but I made a bead chandelier around our actual chandelier in the dinning room. I used two packs of gold mardi gras beads from party city, an unwrapped wire coat hanger and wire. I used this tutorial, which I found on pinterest… I never spend any time on there (heavy sarcasm).

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